mercoledì 31 maggio 2017

A greater Champions League in the future

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Champions League will become bigger and it will look like a real European super-league. According to Italian Gazzetta dello Sport, in 2017/18 season the preliminary phase will be expanded and each of the two groups will have 8 teams instead of 6: the game days will increase from 10 to 14, transforming the old Champion’s Cup in an real European championship. However the qualifying stages, which precede the preliminary phase, and Final Six will stay unchanged.

Allegedly Len will expand the groups stage with 4 wild cards more: one will certainly go to Waspo Hannover, the German club has invested more and more in recent years and who will host two of the next four Final Six, in 2019 and 2021. Almost certain the participation of Dinamo Moscow, historical Russian team, representing the Russian waterpolo. The remaining two wild cards are not been assigned yet: one of them could go to a Romanian team, Oradea (but they could reduce the budget next year, giving the wild card up) or the national champions Steaua Bucharest; Len may choose a French or a Dutch team for the other wild cards.
The goal of the Len is to increase the number of spectators and sponsors of the Champions League, a competition that in recent years has proven to work brilliantly, ensuring a real high-level show and being followed by a large audience both in the pools and on tv.

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