martedì 25 agosto 2015

Nikola Radjen suspended four years

Nikola Radjen

Serbian international Nikola Radjen is suspended for 4 years by the FINA Doping Panel following positive in-competition tests to the substance of cocaine on February 17 and April 15, 2015. For 30-year old national team veteran, world and European champion, was already provisionally suspended by FINA following the first test results, but on Monday learned the outcome of the matter. His 4-year ineligibility started on May 7, 2015. Radjen, who had quickly admitted his fault to both FINA and the public in Serbia, can appeal to the decision by taking it to the Courth of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland with 21 days after this decision.

Nikola Radjen was tested positive to cocaine following a World League group stage match in Madrid vs. Spain on February 17. After going public with his then provisional suspension (started May 7), Radjen explained that the death of his father early 2015, and the fact that he had surrounded himself with the wrong crowd, allowed himself to take cocaine. The veteran centre back did so in an interview while attending the 1st Congres for the Prevention of Doping in Sport in Belgrade which formed the part of his defence. He also visited clubs to spread his message of ignoring doping and drugs. Although the Doping Panel in its summary noted to find this 'commendable and can only encourage an athlete to pursue in any way possible educating and informing both young and experienced athletes of the advantages of keeping the sport clean, it stated that is does not allow for the panel to envisage a reduction of the sanction imposted by the rules, as the scope within which the panel may levy sanctions or depening on circumstances alleviate them are clearly set forth in the regulations.'

30-year old Radjen has not yet publicly responded to his suspension.

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