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Pro Recco marks transfer market second half


With the 2015 FINA World Championships crossing the second half of the transfer market period in Europe, many players were seeking extension deals or transfers before travelling to Kazan to focus on the battle for the world title. As that mostly regarded internationals other deals were announced during the tournament, none of them as big as Pro Recco's almost yearly highlight. With rumours having been going around for weeks the Italian and European champion confirmed them a week before the start of the World Championships. Not only will Brescia sensation Michael Bodegas shift to the Sori based club, Recco also announced to have one of the greatest talents of today's game Dusan Mandic and welcomed back Croatian pearl Sandro Sukno who shifts from Primorje, the team he had joined after his last stint with Pro Recco, during the 2011-2012 season. Two players leaving Recco are lefthander Maro Jokovic, who returns to his longtime club Jug Dubrovnik, and Federico Lapenna, who joins Lazio Roma. Lazio meanwhile also acquired Daniele Giorgi from Brescia and veteran Montenegro goalkeeper Zdravko Radic who comes over from Radnicki.

Another major move was the one ignited by Brazil national team head coach Ratko Rudic. After seeing plans to have his team being added to the Regional League fail, the most decorated coach of the game set up a new scenario this time succeeding as he managed to let virtually his entire team play in the Italian league next season, players being signed by various clubs of the Serie A1. After the earlier announcements of Felipe Perrone and later Josip Vrlic joining Jug Dubrovnik, it became known that Bernardo Gomes and Jonas Crivella will play for Roma Vis Nova, Paolo Salemi joins RN Sori, Gustavo Guimaraes was signed by Trieste, Guilherme Gomes shifts to RN Florentia, centre forward Ives Gonzalez is set to play for Bogliasco and defender Felipe Silva is another acquisition of Lazio Roma. As Adria Delgado earlier confirmed to be playing for Vasas, it leaves starting goalie Vincius Antonelli and defender Bernardo Rocha without a team, although for Antonelli, Sport Management is reportedly interested. Not together but Brazil's preparation for Rio 2016 will be in a professional environment. 

Read more to check out some transfers announced in the past weeks as a new club season in Europe is coming closer and closer. 

Michael Bodegas and Dusan Mandic. Two more sensational signings by reigning European champion Pro Recco.

Spanish lefthander Xavi Garcia makes a striking move and joins Jug Dubrovnik coming from rival Primorje Reijka.
The other way around: Miho Boskovic has left his longtime Jug for a new adventure at Primorje Rijeka.
Miho Boskovic (2nd to left) with the Primorje delegation posing after his transfer.

The club confirmed that Aaron Younger will leave and is likely to be headed to Hungarian champion Szolnok. 
Andro Buslje failed to reach an agreement with Jug Dubrovnik over a contract extension and now has signed a 1-year contract with Posillipo.
Jug Dubrovnik also announced that defender Hrvoje Benic will return to the club for next sesason. 
Hrvoje Benic.

Another striking addition for Primorje is recently naturalised Spain lefty Gonzalo Echenique, who leaves Barceloneta in a complex deal now being formally owned by Pro Recco who made a deal on loan for Echenique to join Primorje for next season. The club earlier announced to have signed Ante Vukicevic (Mladost) and Nikola Dedovic (currently Sliema, Malta for the summer, ex-Radnicki).
Marko Elez (Primorje) was close signing with Savona but could not reach agreement and instead reportedly has signed with Pallanuoto Trieste. 

Barceloneta announced a great sigining in landing Mediterrani's prodigy Marc Larumbe in a 2-year deal.

Ex-Radnicki player Ivan Basara has agreed to terms with PVSK and will move to Pécs, Hungary for next season.
Sport Management centre forward Olexandr 'Sasha' Sadovyy shifts to RN Savona.
Veteran goalkeeper Denis Sefik leaves Red Star for Radnicki where he accepted a duo job to also serve as goalkeeper coach for the youth section of the club.

Miroslav Randic is confirmed to join Jadran Herceg Novi with immediate effect. Another addition to the team: Zeljko Kovacic (Sintez Kazan).
Ambitious German squad Waspo 98 Hannover have signed Montenegro international Aleksandar Radovic and former Spanish international Pere Estrany.
Radovic set to shoot for Montenegro during the 2011 World Championships.
Photo: Henk Swinkels.
Mladost Zagreb is doing some business by signing centre forward Fran Geratovic and promising youngster Ivan Domagoj Zovic while reportedly being close to add Fran Paskvalin to the team.
Replacing Deni Fiorentini who leaves for Switzerland (Lugano), Brescia landed Posillipo's Zeno Bertoli.
Montpellier has confirmed the departure of Mathieu Peisson (Sète)Andrija Vlahovic (Mladost) and Remi Saudadier (Spandau). On the other end acquisitions are Duje Zivkovic (Mladost)Petar Filipovc (Steaua) and Milos Maksimovic (Vojvodina).
Dimitrije Obradovic leaves Red Star to play for Roma Nuoto.
RN Sori announces the signing of former Red Star player Petar Ivosevic, Italian Alessio Privitera and Brazil international Paolo Salemi.
Brazil's Ruda Franco will play for Navarra next season.

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