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2015 UANA Cup set to go

The race for qualification for the 2015 FINA World Championships (26 July-8 August) in Kazan for the Americas starts Wednesday as Water Polo Canada hosts the 2015 UANA Cup in Markham, Ontario where the national teams of Brazil, Argentina and host nation Canada will battle for the 2nd spot of the Americas available to go to the world championships tournament late July. With both USA men's and women's team already qualified thanks to their 2014 World Cup performance (women took gold, men finished 3rd), they are already sure and therefore not attend the tournament but, in case of the men, instead travelled to Australia for a series of test matches against the Aussie Sharks. For the remaining three sides not only a World Championships berth is at stake but also preparation for the 2015 Pan American Games (7-15 July), to be held in the same venue, starts here. For Canada the opposition will be tough considering the absence of three regular national team members in Justin Boyd and Oliver Vikalo (both injured) while centre-forward Nicolas Constantin-Bicari was not to be released by his Croatian employer Jug Dubrovnik before Wednesday as a pivotal Champions League match hosting Szolnok will be played, so misses the match-up with Argentina on that same day. Former Argentine star left-hander Gonzalo Echenique misses out on the action as he recently confirmed his decision to obtain Spanish citizenship to make a run for the Spanish national team, while also being in the midst of a busy Champions League schedule with the reigning European club champion and current employer Barceloneta. The following day the ambitious side of Brazil awaits the home team in what is likely to be the toughest of games. The men play a round-robin and close out the the mini-tournament in a play-off phase with the 2nd and 3rd placed teams playing a crossing match before, again, finding the squad that finished the round-robin 1st for the title and Kazan 2015 qualification berth on Sunday morning. 

Canada's women will just take on opposing team Brazil, coached by former Canadian national team head coach Pat Oaten, thrice in a play-off meeting to decide who will travel to the world championships with Canada's squad considered favourites to join the USA women to the "Third Capital" of Russia. A live stream will be available for all matches.

2015 UANA Cup
Markham, Canada


Wednesday, 28 January

19.40: Canada vs. Argentina (men)

Thursday, 29 January

19.00: Canada vs. Brazil (men)

Friday, 30 January

19.00: Argentina vs. Brazil (men)
21.00: Canada vs. Brazil (women)

Saturday, 31 January

17.00: 2nd place vs. 3rd place (men)
19.00: Canada vs. Brazil (women)

Sunday, 1 February

10.00: 1st place vs. W 2nd vs. 3rd (men)
12.00: Canada vs. Brazil (women)

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