martedì 21 ottobre 2014

Malta hosts international water polo cup (22-26 October)

The ASA of Malta is set to host another edition of their international water polo cup, to be held at the National Pool Tal-Qroqq in Gzira this week. Next to Italian league Serie B teams Livorno and Circolo Canottieri 7 Scogli the national team of Malta will also face fellow national sides from Ireland and Switzerland in the five-day friendly tournament. Read more for the competition programme.


Wednesday 22 October:

17.30: Ireland vs. Switzerland
18.45: Malta vs. Sette Scogli

Thursday 23 October:

17.30: Livorno vs. Sette Scogli
18.45: Malta vs. Ireland

Friday 24 October:

17.45: Switzerland vs. Sette Scogli
19.00: Malta vs. Livorno

Saturday 25 October:

12.30: Livorno vs. Ireland
17.30: Switzerland vs. Livorno
18.45: Ireland vs. Sette Scogli

Sunday 26 October:

10.30: Malta vs. Switzerland

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