giovedì 12 marzo 2015

Stricter Champions League, Euro Cup qualification

At its meeting held in Glasgow, the LEN Bureau allocated a handful of important continental events, as well as took important decisions on the playing formats and entry rules of the European water polo club competitions.

The Bureau approved the proposals of the Technical Water Polo Committee regarding the entry rules and the playing formats of the continental club competitions. The rule requiring a top two (in cases top three) finish in the domestic league for becoming eligible to play in the Champions League will be strictly enforced from the following season, no exception will be given. Only teams not entered to the Champions League can compete in the Euro Cup.

From the next season lower ranked sides of the respective qualification rounds in the Champions League will be eliminated and cannot continue in the Euro Cup – only the four losing sides of Round 3 (the play-off) will be ‘redirected’ and join the eight finals of the Euro Cup. 

The Bureau also allocated other important LEN Events. The 2016 European Masters Water Polo Championships will visit Rijeka (CRO), in 2017 the men’s water polo junior champs will be held in the Netherlands while the junior women will compete in Belgrade (SRB). The hosts of the following LEN Congresses have also been decided: Vienna (AUT) will welcome the delegates in 2015, Rome (ITA) in 2016 and Marseille (FRA) in 2017. Budapest (HUN) is favoured to host the water polo Champions League Final Six tournaments in 2016 and 2017, the final approval is due after receiving formal guarantees from the Hungarian Water Polo Federation.

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