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Radovic, Janovic lead Montenegro past Spain

The World League season got underway on Tuesday in Szolnok, Hungary where the home team controlled Georgia for their first win: 17-10. In an especially dominant first half the Magyars jumped out to a 10-4 score at half-time before consolidating in the remainder of the match. Georgia however still managed to score 10 goals agains the favourite Hungarians with proven shooters Marko Elez, Marko Jelaca and Mikheil Baghaturia as top scorers, each netting 2 shots. For Hungary centre forward Balázs Hárai led all scorers with 4.
In Sibenik, Croatia the home team had no trouble overcoming Turkey. The Croats, led by Kazan 2015 finalist Antonio Petkovic who scored 4 goals, grabbed an early 5-1 lead and scored ten goals in the first half: 10-3. The home side marched on in the second half on their way to a comfortable 19-5 blowout win. Srdjan Aksentijevic led the Turkish side with 2 goals.
Montenegro won the top match-up with Spain, with ease. Thanks to a superior second-half showing the Montenegrins walked away from the dangerous opponents who had no answer for the fire power of both Aleksandar Radovic and captain Nikola Janovic who scored 4 goals each. They led Montenegro to a seemingly comfortable 5-goal win to successfully kick off their 2015-2016 international campaign. Spain saw an allround offensive performance leading to six different goal scorers, including the returned Guillermo Molina.
Greece meanwhile dominated Romania at home in Athens. The bronze medalists from the recent Kazan world championships held Romania scoreless for three quarters rolling to a 17-3 triumph. Winger Emmanouil Mylonakis and shooter Angelos Vlachopoulos led all scorers with 3 goals each.
Italy defeated Russia in Moscow to kick off their campaign with a win. The comfortable margin however was cut in the final phase of the game where Russia wanted to give their fans something to cheer for and scored the final goals of the game. By then the Italians knew they had won the game thanks to a strong 0-4 start. Recently naturalised Michaël Bodegas played an active game and finished as top scorer netting 4 shots.

Defending champion Serbia experienced a scare at home in Belgrade but escaped France thanks to a marvelous 6-0 finish in the final period. It turned around a looming defeat with 6-9 score after the 3rd period into a 12-9 victory in the Tasmajdan pool in the Serbian capital. Ahead of the match the gold-medal winning team of last season's European Games, World Junior Championships and World Championships were presented and honoured. And with youth coach Vladimir Vujasinovic on the bench next to usual head coach Dejan Savic, a young Serbian team saw France walking away in the second quarter. Just Filip Filipovic and Andrija Prlainovic were on the roster from the world championships winning squad while several youngsters got their chance to shine. That didn't looked to work very well, also due to an unstoppable Ugo Crousillat, recently naturalised back to his native France after having played for the Montenegro national team before. He took off scoring 5 goals and seemed to led his team to an upset victory. Before the final period however where the home team took over and completed a major turnaround to save the day and points in front of a packed pool. Prlainovic finished with 4 goals for the Serbs while Filipovic and Gavril Subotic scored 3 each.

FINA World League 2015-2016
Men's Preliminary Phase (Europe)

Round 1

Tuesday, 20 October

Hungary vs. Georgia (in Szolnok) 17-10 (5-2, 5-2, 4-4, 3-2)
Hungary scorers: Balázs Hárai 4, Márton Tóth 3, Balázs Erdélyi 3, Ferenc Salamon 2, Bence Bátori 2, Gergö Zalánki 2, Krisztián Bedö.

Georgia scorers: Marko Elez 2, Marko Jelaca 2, Mikheil Baghaturia 2, Damir Tsrepulia, Andria Bitadze, George Khvedeliani, Zurab Rurua.

Montenegro vs. Spain (in Herceg Novi) 11-6 (4-1, 1-2, 2-1, 4-2)
Montenegro scorers: Aleksandar Radovic 4, Nikola Janovic 4, Aleksandar Ivovic 2, Filip Klikovac.

Spain scorers: Guillermo Molina, Marc Minguell, Albert Español, Blai Mallarach, Gonzalo Echenique, Pau Bach.

Croatia vs. Turkey (in Sibenik) 19-6 (5-1, 5-2, 4-2, 5-1)
Croatia scorers: Antonio Petkovic 4, Ante Vukicevic 3, Marino Cagalj 2, Andrija Basic 2, Fran Paskvalin 2, Loren Fatovic 2, Luka Loncar, Ivan Domagoj Zovic, Antun Goreta, Rino Buric.

Turkey scorers: Srdjan Aksentijevic 2, Togkan Ozbek, Oytun Okman, Can Gozusulu, Alican Cagatay.

Greece vs. Romania (in Athens) 17-3 (3-0, 5-3, 5-0, 4-0)
Greece scorers: Emmanouil Mylonakis 3, Angelos Vlachopoulos 3, Ioannis Fountoulis 2, Christodoulos Kolomvos 2, Alexandros Gounas, Konstantinos Genidounias, Christos Afroudakis, Konstantinos Mourikis, Evangelos Delakas.

Romania scorers: Mihnea Gheorghe, Andrei Cretu, Tiberiu Negrean.

Russia vs. Italy (in Moscow) 11-16 (0-4, 3-4, 5-4, 3-4)
Russia scorers: Andrey Balakirev 2, Sergey Lisunov 2, Roman Shepelev 2, Daniil Merkulov, Igor Bychkov, Artem Ashaev, Adel Latypov, Dmitrii Kholod.

Italy scorers: Michaël Bodegas 4, Valentino Gallo 3, Massimo Giacoppo 2, Christian Presciutti 2, Matteo Aicardi 2, Francesco di Fulvio, Alex Giorgetti, Giacomo Bini.

Serbia vs. France (in Belgrade) 12-9 (3-2, 2-5, 1-2, 6-0)
Serbia scorers: Andrija Prlainovic 4, Filip Filipovic 3, Gavril Subotic 3, Nemanja Vico, Drasko Gogov.

France scorers: Ugo Crousillat 5, Mathieu Peisson, Remy Saudadier, Igor Kovacevic, Jure Nastran.

N.b.: time mentioned is local time.

Group A:
Hungary, Greece, Romania, Georgia

Group B:
France, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain

Group C:
Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Russia

Round 2

Tuesday, 17 November:

Hungary vs. Romania
Greece vs. Georgia
Serbia vs. Spain
France vs. Montenegro
Croatia vs. Russia
Italy vs. Turkey

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