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World League day 7 - Europe preliminary round

With just three more rounds to be played after Wednesday's day 7 in the men's World League Europe preliminary phase, the main question will be whether the current leaders of the three groups are to be stopped on their way to securing a berth at the Super Final tournament in Bergamo, Italy late June. For these 3 contenders the situation is looking rather comfortable, especially considering the match-ups on Wednesday. Not that their respective matches are expected to be walk-overs, but even more looking at the main persuers being challenged. Greece takes on an ever-tough Slovakia side who just lost to Romania on penalties and Hungary 12-13. Group B leaders and defending champions Serbia, after hosting Germany, can watch Russia and Spain squarring off in Volgograd in the battle for 2nd place. The same goes for Croatia, current leaders in group C, who face France at home in Varazdin on Wednesday but will also watch the result in Genua where Super Final hosts Italy take on Montenegro in a possible final attempt for the Montenegrin side to keep the pressure on 2nd seed Italy, already sure of participation in the final tournament as organisers.

Day 7 - Wednesday 17 March, 2015

18.00: Romania vs. Hungary (in Bucharest, Romania)
18.00: Serbia vs. Germany (in Kragujevac, Serbia)
18.00: Croatia vs. France (in Varazdin, Croatia)
19.00: Greece vs. Slovakia (in Athens, Greece)
19.00: Russia vs. Spain (in Volgograd, Russia)
20.00: Italy vs. Montenegro (in Genoa, Italy)

The current standings are now as follows:

Group A

1. Hungary 4 - 12 pts
2. Greece 4 - 9
3. Romania 4 - 2
4. Slovakia 4 - 1

Group B

1. Serbia 4 - 12 pts
2. Russia 4 - 9
3. Spain 4 - 3
4. Germany 4 - 0

Group C

1. Croatia 5 - 15 pts
2. Italy 5 - 11
3. Montenegro 4 - 7
4. Turkey 5 - 3
5. France 5 - 0

N.b.: times mentioned are local time.

Group winners qualify for World League Super Final
Super Final in Bergamo, Italy (23-28 June, 2015)

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