giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Brazil: Rio 2016 consider changing water polo venue over delay

On queue some pre-Games hand wringing over the readiness of Olympics facilities has begun, this time directly related to water polo. Local organising officials in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have gone to the press to complain about a lack of cooperation between the government and private construction firms while the venue remains untouched months after a planned renovation was scheduled to begin.

A decision on whether to relocate water polo to another location will come in the next couple weeks according to Yahoo Sports. Concern over construction delays prior to The Olympics, such as the 2004 Athens and 2014 Sochi games, are common.

By Stephen Eisenhammer RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – The water polo competition at the Rio 2016 Olympics could change venue because of construction delays at the intended site, a spokesman for the organizers told Reuters on Tuesday. “If we hear from the state government that it’s not going to be ready, we’ll have to move,” said Mario Andrada, director for communications at the local organizing committee. The delays, Andrada said, are because the state government, which owns the property, and the private company that manages it have not agreed the terms of the revamp and future use of the facility.

By: James Smith - Total Waterpolo.

Source: Yahoo.

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