giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Greece: Olympiacos terminates contract with Radjen

Nikola Radjen

Olympiacos today have terminated the contract with Serbian player Nikola Radjen following his positive test to the use of cocain and subsequent provisional suspension. The Greek powerhouse is set to start the play-offs of the Greek championship but will have to make their title run without their reliable and experienced centre-back. According to the Greek club in a short statement on their website, 'the termination of the cooperation was made because of a violation of the terms of the contract on the part of the athlete'. Radjen was in his first season playing for Olympiacos with whom he felt just short of qualifying for the Champions League Final Six but did grabbed a major trophy as Olympiacos won the Greek cup several weeks ago. 

Aquatics world governing body FINA on Monday suspended Radjen because of a failed doping test following the World League match in Madrid versus Spain on February 17. Radjen in an open letter today responded stating to be determined to make up for this mistake. He is awaiting FINA's results of investigation and verdict on his definite suspension.

Click here to read all on Radjen's case.

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