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Women's FINA World Youth Championship ready to shine in Madrid

For the 2nd time the world can have a look at the best women's youngster aged 18 & under as they are set to battle for the world title in Madrid, Spain next week. Coming in as the 18 & under world champions are Greece who completed a dominant performance in the inaugural edition in Perth, Australia late 2012 by claiming the gold medal. In next year's 20 & under World Junior championships however they had to settle for the bronze medal as USA topped Spain 9-7 in the final while Greece held off Russia 7-6 to finish 3rd. Now with different teams coming in these rankings not mean too much. Canada showed promising signs winning a 5-nation preparation tournament in Dunaujvaros, Hungary but in Greece the teams from Russia and the hosts did well in the Pyhtia Cup to also boost their preparation. And then there are the Netherlands, not present in Perth 2012 and neither in last year's world Junior championships. They only fell to Canada finishing 2nd in Dunaujvaros but defeated Hungary, Australia and New Zealand. And of course USA and hosts Spain are among the medal contenders. The 'M86' pool in Spain's capital will see a busy tournament where the non-European countries, in contrast to the men, are even more ready to challenge the European powerhouses for the gold medal. 

2014 World Women's Youth Championships
18 & under

Madrid, Spain

25 - 31 August

Group A: South Africa, USA, Germany, Hungary
Group B: Brazil, Greece, Japan, Italy
Group C: Puerto Rico, China, Spain, Netherlands
Group D: Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia


Monday, 25 August

09.00: South Africa vs. Germany
10.30: USA vs. Hungary
12.00: Brazil vs. Japan
13.30: Greece vs. Italy
15.00: China vs. Netherlands
16.30: Canada vs. Australia
18.30: New Zealand vs. Russia
20.00: Puerto Rico vs. Spain

Tuesday, 26 August

09.00: Italy vs. Japan
10.30: Brazil vs. Greece
12.00: Puerto Rico vs. China
13.30: Russia vs. Australia
15.30: Canada vs. New Zealand
17.00: Hungary vs. Germany
18.30: South Africa vs. USA
20.00: Netherlands vs. Spain

Wednesday, 27 August

09.00: Puerto Rico vs. Netherlands
10.30: Canada vs. Russia
12.00: New Zealand vs. Australia
13.30: South Africa vs. Hungary
15.30: USA vs. Germany
17.00: Brazil vs. Italy
18.30: Greece vs. Japan
20.00: China vs. Spain

Thursday, 28 August - qualification round

09.00: 4A vs. 4B - game 25
10.45: 4C vs. 4D - game 26
12.30: 2A vs. 3B - game 27
14.15: 3A vs. 2B - game 28
16.00: 2C vs. 3B - game 29
17.45: 3C vs. 2D - game 30

Friday, 29 August - quarterfinal round

09.00: LG25 vs. LG26 - (15h/16th place)
10.45: WG25 vs. WG26 - (13th/14th place)
12.30: LG27 vs. LG29 - game 33
14.15: LG28 vs. LG30 - game 34

16.00: 1A vs. WG29 - game 35
17.45: 1B vs. WG30 - game 36
19.30: 1C vs. WG27 - game 37
21.15: 1D vs. WG28 - game 38

Saturday, 30 August - semifinal round

09.00: LG33 vs. LG34 - (11th/12th place)
10.45: WG33 vs. WG34 - (9th/10th place)
12.30: LG35 vs. LG36 - game 41
14.15: LG37 vs. LG38 - game 42

17.45: WG35 vs. WG36 - game 43
19.30: WG37 vs. WG38 - game 44

Sunday, 31 August - final day

10.00: LG45 vs. LG42 - (7th/8th place)
11.45: WG41 vs. WG42 - (5th/6th place)
17.00: LG43 vs. LG44 - (3th/4th place)
18.45: WG43 vs. WG44 - (1st/2nd place)

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