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2 FINA World Campionato Maschile Under 18 (Gençlik Spor Ve İl Müdürlüğü Havuzu Istanbul, Turkey) - Programma

After the successful inaugural 2012 World Youth (age 18 & under) championships in Perth, Australia this summer the respective second editions will be held. First up the men's tournament in Istanbul, Turkey. Here no less than nineteen teams will try become the successor of Italy who claimed the gold medal late 2012 by winning a memorable final over Hungary 8-10. The highly talented side went on to also conquer the 20 & under World Juniors in Szombathelyi, Hungary the following year. And with standouts Andrea Fondelli and Alessandro Velotto already in action for the senior Italian team at the recent European championships in Budapest winning the bronze medal, one could see where having success at these junior tournaments can lead up to. Serbia's Dusan Mandic is one of the other true examples. 
Now a busy preliminary round kicks off on Saturday with special attention to group A where Spain and Hungary will meet USA while Serbia and Croatia (battling for the bronze in the 2012 edition, Serbia won 8-7) were drawn in group D with Peru, Canada and New Zealand as opponents. The Serbs will miss one of the greatest talents of this generation in centre-back Nikola Jaksic who is recovering from an injury in the hope of being fit in time for the later U19 European Junior Championships in Tbilisi, Georgia. Meanwhile defending champions Italy face hosts Turkey, Brazil, Russia and South Africa in group C. The five-team group B is led by last year's U17 European championship gold medallists Montenegro who take on Australia, Iran, Argentina and Japan in the group stage. The respective group winners advance to the quarter-finals, the second and third-ranked teams play a qualification round to join them.

2 FINA World  Campionato Maschile
Under 18

Gençlik Spor Ve İl Müdürlüğü Havuzu
Istanbul, Turkey

2-10 August

Group A: Kazakhstan, Spain, Hungary, USA, Egypt
Group B: Australia, Iran, Argentina, Montenegro, Japan
Group C: Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Russia, South Africa
Group D: Serbia, Croatia, Peru, Canada, New Zealand.


Sabato, 2 Agosto:

09.00: Hungary vs. USA
10.20: Spain vs. Egypt
11.40: Argentina vs. Montenegro
13.00: Iran vs. Japan
15.30: Italy vs. Russia
16.50: Croatia vs. Canada
18.10: Serbia vs. Peru
20.30: South Africa vs. Turkey

Domenica, 3 Agosto:

09.00: Japan vs. Argentina
10.20: Australia vs. Iran
11.40: Russia vs. South Africa
13.00: Brazil vs. Italy
16.00: Peru vs. Croatia
17.20: New Zealand vs. serbia
18.40: Egypt vs. Hungary
20.00: Kazakhstan vs. Spain

Lunedi, 4 Agosto:

09.00: South Africa vs. Brazil
10.20: Canada vs. Peru
11.40: Croatia vs. New Zealand
13.00: USA vs. Egypt
16.00: Hungary vs. Kazakhstan
17.20: Montenegro vs. Japan
18.40: Argentina vs. Australia
20.00: Turkey vs. Russia

Martedi, 5 Agosto:

09.00: New Zealand vs. Canada
10.20: Serbia vs. Croatia
11.40: Kazakhstan vs. USA
13.00: Spain vs. Hungary
16.00: Australia vs. Montenegro
17.20: Iran vs. Argentina
18.40: Italy vs. South Africa
20.00: Brazil vs. Turkey

Mercoledi, 6 Agosto:

09.00: USA vs. Spain
10.20: Kazakhstan vs. Egypt
11.40: Montenegro vs. Iran
13.00: Australia vs. Japan
16.00: Brazil vs. Russia
17.20: Canada vs. Serbia
18.40: New Zealand vs. Peru
20.00: Turkey vs. Italy

Giovedi, 7 Agosto (qualificazioni):

09.00: 4A vs. 5D - game 41
10.20: 4B vs. 5C - game 42
11.40: 5A vs. 4D - game 43
13.00: 5B vs. 4C - game 44
16.00: 2A vs. 3D - game 45
17.20: 2B vs. 3C - game 46
18.40: 3A vs. 2D - game 47
20.00: 3B vs. 2C - game 48

* the first placed teams in group A, group B, group C and group D have a bye.

Venerdi, 8 Agosto (quarti e semi-finali):

10.00: L41 vs. L42 - game 49 (to be played in Galatasaray Swimming Pool)
11.30: W41 vs. W42 - game 50 (to be played in Galatasaray Swimming Pool)
13.00: L43 vs. L44 - game 51 (to be played in Galatasaray Swimming Pool)

10.00: W43 vs. W44 - game 52
11.20: L45 vs. L46 - game 53
12.40: L47 vs. L48 - game 54
16.00: 1A vs. W46 - game 55
17.20: 1B vs. W45 - game 56
18.40: 1C vs. W47 - game 57
20.00: 1D vs. W48 - game 58

Sabato, 9 Agosto (semi-final eround finale):

10.00: L49 vs. L51 - game 59 (to be played in Galatasaray Swimming Pool)
11.30: W49 vs. W51 - game 60 (to be played in Galatasaray Swimming Pool)
13.00: L50 vs. L52 - game 61 (to be played in Galatasaray Swimming Pool)

09.00: W50 vs. W52 - game 62
10.20: L53 vs. L54 - game 63
11.40: W53 vs. W54 - game 64
13.00: L55 vs. L57 - game 65
16.00: L56 vs. L58 - game 66
17.20: W55 vs. W57 - game 67
18.40: W56 vs. W58 - game 68

Domenica 10 Agosto (round finale):

10.30: L65 vs. L66
12.00: W65 vs. W66
18.00: L67 vs. L68 (3rd/4th place)
19.30: W67 vs. W68 (1st/2nd place)

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