giovedì 24 settembre 2015

Balkans best in Regional League A1

On Friday the Regional league will get underway showcasing Balkans best in a tough and busy season due to the international duties that include a European Championship in January and of course the Olympic Games in August. The regional league has changed compared to last season with the board now having chosen to devide the teams into two seperate competitions thus meaning the strongest sides battle together in one league creating a more competitive season in which each weekend specatacle is guaranteed. Also the top 'A1' league of the two will usually be playing a pair of rounds per weekend with Friday and Sunday as playing dates.
Defending champion Primorje is among the title favourites once more, having welcomed new names such as Miho Boskovic, Gonzalo Echenique and Nikola Dedovic but losing Sandro Sukno, Xavi Garcia and Marko Elez, but saw rival Jug significanly strengthen its team this past summer. And with Mladost and Montenegro champion Jadran Herceg Novi having done the same, it's expected these teams are to battle for the championship.

Regional League
A1 competition

Round 1

Friday 25-09:

19.00: Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) vs. Mornar BS (CRO)
19.00: Jadran Carine Herceg Novi (MNE) vs. OVK POSK (CRO)
19.30: Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) vs. Vojvodina Novi Sad (SRB)
20.30: HAVK Mladost Zagreb (CRO) vs. Primorje EB Rijeka (CRO)
21.00: Crvena zvezda / Red Star (SRB) vs. VK Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB)

Round 2

Sunday 27-09:

18.00: Partizan Raiffeisen Belgrade (SRB) vs. VK Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB)
19.00: Jug CO Dubrovnik (CRO) vs. OVK POSK (CRO)
19.00: Jadran Carine Herceg Novi (MNE) vs. Mornar BS (CRO)
19.30: Crvena zvezda (SRB) vs. Vojvodina Novi Sad (SRB)

N.b.: time mentioned is local time.

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