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Water Polo Expo debuts in Hungary

September 13 will see another special initiative unfold in Hungary in an attempt to gain attention and attraction to the national water polo league. With a big, one-of-a-kind, water polo expo and the support of both the federation and the water polo stars, more and more people should take notice of all what is to see in Hungary during the national league season. Waterpoloworld Hungary correspondent Kevin Vernooij is co-founder of the expo and together with men's national team assistant coach Istvan Gergely this summer started to work in order to bring their idea to life. But what is a water polo expo like and what can people expect during such a day? Kevin tells us.

A water polo Expo sounds exciting and new. How did this idea originated?
Since I joined the water polo community only 3 years go, I noticed that although its members are very passionate, there is very few promotion to the 'outside' world. This is also one of the reasons why I started writing for Waterpoloworld last year. The sport deserves to be promoted and deserves to be more popular than it currently is. Because of my activities as 'Hungary correspondent' I came in contact with Istvan Gergely who asked me to write about the earlier promo match between Hungary and USA.
Istvan and I shared some thoughts and noticed we were very much on the same line about the lack of marketing and branding for water polo. The national team gets plenty of attention from the media, but the national league and local clubs are only moderately popular. Which is a shame.
This got me thinking about how to bring club water polo to the people and one of the first ideas was an Expo combined with All Star game. Istvan liked this suggestion very much and thats where things kicked off.

What kind of Expo will it be and what will the day look like?
It will be a combination of education, games, interviews and alot of fun.
We have invited all domestic clubs to our "Club Street" where each team will have their own unique stand and where players and coaches will be available for questions, autographs or photos.
There will be merchandising stands with unique items specially designed for our event and many more cool and interesting sights.
On top of all the Expo action, there will be the All Star gala where the best domestic players will put their skills on display.
I can guarentee it will be something very special.
The slogan of the event basically says it all, it's 100% Water Polo!

The multifunctional venue in Budaörs.

What is the idea behind this Expo?
Short therm, we simply want to open the 2014/2015 season in style, in a way that the sport deservers and just give the fans a day they will not forget any time soon.
Long term, we hope to bring more attention to the domestic competition and clubs. Which in time might lead to higher attendance to games and a more interesting platform for sponsors to invest.

What are you aiming for in the future?
Hopefully we can produce something that will last and set a standard that we can aim to improve each year.
There are many good and creative people in water polo that want the best for the sport.
If we can bring these people together and give them a platform to work out their ideas, the sky is the limit.

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