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Pere Estrany quickly adapts in successful new environment

Pere Estrany left Mataro this summer and joined an ambitious Waspo 98 Hannover team in Germany. Along with Balkan acquisitions Aleksandar Radovic and Marin Ban the Germans enjoyed a kick-start to the season by winning their group in round 1 of the Champions League followed by a nice 2nd place in round 2 last week which included a narrow 10-11 loss to favourites Szolnok. The 26-year old Spaniard has quickly adapt to his new team and environment and has his fair share in the team's success so far. But with the German league season yet to start and a tough 3rd-round draw against Croatian champion Primorje Rijeka plenty of challenges await the coming period. Waterpoloworld asked Estrany about his move, the start to the season and expectations.

First of all, how are things for you at your new team Waspo 98 Hannover?
I'm so happy to play for Waspo 98 Hannover this season. The club treats me so good and all get along with each other. At the moment our game has been very good but we know we must continue working hard every day this season. We've got high-level players and if we stay concentrated we can create interesting things.

How big was the change for you to another country and a different playing style?
As I said, thanks to the coaches and my team-mates the adaptation has been quite easy for me. I'm happy here. The playing style can be a little more physical but as we have a lot of foreigners on the team, we try to practice a neat, simple and consistent game.

What do you feel you can bring to this team?
Speed and goals. I especially look forward to facing a difficult season. A challenge for me. My role in the team is a bit more secondary to what I was used to play in Spain but I'm also feeling important here and that makes me happy.

Waspo performed really well in the Champions League qualification rounds 1 and 2. Are you satisfied with the way things are going?
Very happy. We've played pretty good these matches, much focused and played seriously. Our goal is to continue playing this way.

Now you've drawn Primorje as opponent for the 3rd round play-off. The worst possible draw?
This course will be very difficult because of the high level of the Primorje team, but I think the pressure is on their side as they are the favourites. Undoubtedly we'll go for it and do our best.

What are the ambitions for Waspo in the German league?
We know it’s not easy but our ambitions are very high in wanting to win the national league. To achieve that we'll always have to be 100%.

You and Mehdi Marzouki both played for Mataro including last season. Did you talked about a move to Germany or were these separate decisions?
It was coincidence. We talked to each other about our personal intentions but the final decision was made independently.

You've been a part of and always close to the Spanish national team. Do you feel this move to Waspo might help in getting 'on board' this year?
Being a part of the Spanish national team is a difficult deal because the coach (Gabriel Hernandez) can count on a lot of very talented players. But of course, in every match there's an opportunity to showcase your talent, so I hope to become a part of the national team. It's my purpose.

Pictured: Estrany posing along the international signings of Waspo 98 Hannover Aleksandar Radovic, Marin Ban and Marek Tkac.

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