sabato 11 aprile 2015

Euro Cup down to ultimate finish

The Euro Cup will see a special final on Saturday when fellow Naples based sides Posillipo and Acquachiara go down to the wire in front of a jam packed Felice Scandone pool in their hometown in leg 2 of the finals. And with both teams having drawn level 6-6 in game 1 two weeks ago this second leg will decide which team will add their trophy cabinet with a Euro Cup title. Will it extend the rich and large collection of Posillipo or is Acquachiara set to write history by claiming their first international price of the relatively young history of the team? In leg 1 it was Montenegrin centre-forward Filip Klikovac who tipped in a rebound on the last 6-on-5 for Posillipo levelling the score at 6-6 and setting up a thrilling finish to the finals series and the possibility of claiming huge success in this season. In front of a little less than 5,000 spectators both sides, who know each other so well will determine the first of European club trophy winners this season. The current 3rd seed (Acquachiara) and 6th seed (Posillipo) of the Italian league square off at 19.30 hrs  local time.

Euro Cup

Leg 2

Saturday 11 April

19.30: Carpisa Yamamay Acquachiara (ITA) vs. CN Posillipo (ITA)

N.b.: Time mentioned is local time.
Check out the game's promotional trailer video, by Acquachiara here.

Pictured: Posillipo's Valentino Gallo (left) and Acquachiara player Amaurys Perez (right).
Cartoon credit: Max Iacovelli.

Leg 1 result

Saturday 28-03:

CN Posillipo (ITA) vs. Carpisa Yamamay Acquachiara (ITA) 6-6 (1-0, 1-1, 1-3, 3-2)
Posillipo scorers: Filip Klikovac 2, Zeno Bertoli 2, Aleksandar Radovic, Vincenzo Renzuto Iodice.

Acquachiara scorers: Amaurys Perez 2, Antonio Petkovic 2, Fran Paskvalin, Giacomo Lanzoni.

Previous LEN Trophy / Euro Cup winners

1993 - Ujpest Budapest (HUN)
1994 - Racing Roma (ITA)
1995 - CN Barcelona (ESP)
1996 - Pescara (ITA)
1997 - Ujpest Budapest (HUN)
1998 - Partizan Belgrade (YUG)
1999 - Ujpest Budapest (HUN)
2000 - Jug Dubrovnik (CRO)
2001 - Mladost Zagreb (CRO)
2002 - Leonessa Brescia (ITA)
2003 - Leonessa Brescia (ITA)
2004 - CN Barcelona (ESP)
2005 - RN Savona (ITA)
2006 - Leonessa Brescia (ITA)
2007 - Sintez Kazan (RUS)
2008 - Shturm Chekhov (RUS)
2009 - Szeged (HUN)
2010 - Cattaro (MNE)
2011 - RN Savona (ITA)
2012 - RN Savona (ITA)
2013 - Radnicki Kragujevac (SRB)
2014 - Spartak Volgograd (RUS)

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