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Nis tournament:Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Spain in semis - day 2

A busy second day of the 8-nation tournament currently underway in Nis, Serbia on Thursday saw Germany and Romania posting their first wins. Montenegro meanwhile added a 2nd triumph by holding off Greece 7-9. Vjekoslav Paskovic and Aleksandar Ivovic led the Montenegrin offence scoring two goals each. In the day's first match-up Germany topped China 10-12 to gain their first victory. Romania managed to beat 2015 World Championships hosts Russia 8-11 behind 4 goals from Mihnea Gheorghe while captain Cosmin Radu added 3 for the Romanians. Home side Serbia were in action against Spain who proved to be missed at the upcoming World Championships in Kazan. With the left-handed tandem of Gonzalo Echenique and Blai Mallarach in the lead, Spain made life hard for the Serbs who only in the final period, thanks to consecutive goals by Dusko Pijetlovic and Filipovic, could down the Spanish team 11-9. Day 2 continues later in the afternoon on Thursday.

In the evening session it became clear that Serbia and Montenegro, drawn together in group D of the upcoming World Championships, at this ocassion won their groups remaining unbeaten. Tournament hosts Serbia held off Romania 9-6 while Montenegro marched on, not to be endangered by Germany in the session's first match: 8-14. In the semifinals both powerhouses are joined by Greece and Spain who also noted victories on Thursday evening. Greece in a bit more convincing way although Spain's win was yet another confirmation of their nice form. Greece ran away from China in the second period and never looked back as Ioannis Fountoulis was unstoppable scoring 5 goals in the 6-14 win for the Greek squad. Spain battled out a close contest with Russia but finished on top against the team they have met multiple times over the past couple of weeks: 12-11. Now on Friday the Spaniards will face Montenegro in the semifinals while Serbia takes on Greece in another nice match-up and excellent preparation to the Kazan championships, to start in just over a week time. 

Schedule and results

Thursday, 16 July

China vs. Germany 10-12 (3-4, 2-2, 2-4, 3-2)
China scorers: Tan 3, N. Liang 3, Hu, Dong, Cheng, Lun Li.

Germany scorers: Nossek 3, Miers 2, Bukowski, Van der Bosch, Real, Schueler, Oeler, Schlotterbeck, Eidner.

Greece vs. Montenegro 7-9
Greece scorers: Pontikeas 2, Vlachopoulos 2, Dervisis, Fountoulis, Gounas.

Montenegro scorers: Paskovic 2, Ivovic 2, Dr. Brguljan, Da. Brguljan, Radovic, Ukropina, Murisic.

Serbia vs. Spain 11-9 (3-1, 1-2, 5-5, 2-1)
Serbia scorers: Mandic 2, Nikic 2, Filipovic 2, Prlainovic 2, Cuk, D. Pijetlovic, Aleksic.

Spain scorers: Echenique 3, Mallarach 3, Español 2, Sziranyi.

Russia vs. Romania 8-11 (2-3, 3-4, 2-2, 1-2)
Russia scorers: Kholod 2, Lisunov 2, Odintsov, Ashaev, Nagaev, Bychkou.

Romania scorers: Gheorghe 4, Radu 3, Chioveanu 2, Goanta, Georgeschu.

Germany vs. Montenegro 8-14 (2-4, 0-3, 3-4, 3-3)
Germany scorers: Eidner 2, Bukowski, Real, Jüngling, Nossek, Oeler, Schueler.

Montenegro scorers Ivovic 3, Paskovic 2, Radovic 2, Jokic 2, Dr. Brguljan, Da. Brguljan, Janovic, Djurdjic, Murisic.

China vs. Greece 6-14 (3-3, 0-4, 1-4, 2-3)
China scorers: Dong 2, Lu 2, N. Liang 2.

Greece scorers: Fountoulis 5, Genidounias 4, Kolomvos 2, Afroudakis, Mourikis, Vlachopoulos.

Spain vs. Russia 12-11 (5-2, 3-3, 2-3, 2-3)
Spain scorers: Sziranyi 2, Flores, Mallarach 2, Garcia 2, Echenique, Minguell, Tahull, Fernandez.

Russia scorers: Lisunov 3, Nagaev 2, Stepanyuk 2, Bychkou, Ashaev, Timakov, Kholod.

Serbia vs. Romania 9-6 (3-1, 3-0, 1-1, 2-4)
Serbia scorers: S. Mitrovic 4, Mandic 2, Rasovic, Cuk, Ubovic.

Romania scorers: Negrean 3, Radu, Gheorghe, Georgescu.

Friday, 17 July

16.00: Romania vs. China - A3 vs. B4
17.20: Russia vs. Germany -  A4 vs. B3
18.40: Spain vs. Montenegro - A2 vs. B1
20.00: Serbia vs. Greece - A1 vs. B2

Saturday, 18 July

09.00: Match for 5th-8th place
10.20: Match for 5th-8th place
11.40: Match for 3rd place
13.00: Mathc for 1st place

N.b.: time mentioned is local time.

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