giovedì 2 luglio 2015

Spain, Russia, Germany, Romania in annual Portugalete tournament

Either for the upcoming World Championships or the following 2016 European Championships 2nd qualification round in September, the annual 4-national tournament in Portugalete this weekend will be a good opportunity for some quality matches for the participants. Here hosts Spain again will meet Russia, like they did in the recent Kazan test-event Tatarstan Cup, won by the Russians on goal difference after a tied game in the final 8-8. Russia will be the home team during the upcoming 2015 World Championships starting July 24 in Kazan. Germany will use the tournament as first test for the newly appointed head coach Patrick Weissinger to get familiar with his team building up to the 2nd qualification round for the 2016 European Championships in Belgrade. Spain and Romania, 7th and 8th ranked at the 2014 European Championships, failed to qualify for this summer's World Championships but are sure of participating in the 2016 continental championships, to be played mid-January, 2016. On Friday the sides will square off in the annual 4-nation tournament in Portugalete, this year having its 27th edition.

Annual 4-nation international tournament
27th Torneo Internacional Villa Portugalete


Friday, 3 July

18.00: Russia vs. Germany
19.45: Spain vs. Romania

Saturday, 4 July

11.30: Germany vs. Romania
13.15: Spain vs. Russia

Sunday, 5 July

10.30: Romania vs. Russia
12.15: Spain vs. Germany

N.b.: time mentioned is local time.

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