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Your Kazan 2015 water polo full schedule

Just over a week remains before the women's opening day kicks off the water polo tournament of the 2015 World Championships in Kazan. 16 women's and men's teams will be battling for the medals. It creates a large schedule with 96 games to be played in 2 weeks inside the Water Polo Arena. The full schedule is now available in a comprehensive list including all starting times. Your guide for the two weeks of water polo action. Read more to check it out.

2015 FINA World Championships
Kazan (RUS)

Water Polo



Group A
Croatia, Brazil, Canada, China

Group B
Greece, USA, Italy, Russia

Group C
South Africa, Hungary, Argentina, Kazakhstan

Group D
Serbia, Japan, Montenegro, Australia


Group A
Canada, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Spain

Group B
Australia, South Africa, Greece, Netherlands

Group C
Brazil, Japan, USA, Italy

Group D
Hungary, Russia, China, France

Denes Varga (HUN) and Jennifer Pareja (ESP): the 2013 World Championships Most Valuable Players. Both will be present in Kazan next week.
Photos: Johan Opperman.


Sunday, 26 July (women)

09.30: Canada vs. New Zealand
10.50: Kazakhstan vs. Spain
12.10: Australia vs. Greece
13.30: South Africa vs. Netherlands

17.30: Brazil vs. USA
18.50: Russia vs. France
20.10: Japan vs. Italy
21.30: Hungary vs. China

Monday, 27 July (men)

09.30: Croatia vs. Canada
10.50: Brazil vs. China
12.10: Greece vs. Italy
13.30: South Africa vs. Argentina

17.30: Hungary vs. Kazakhstan
18.50: USA vs. Russia
20.10: Serbia vs. Montenegro
21.30: Japan vs. Australia

Tuesday, 28 July (women)

09.30: Netherlands vs. Greece
10.50: Australia vs. South Africa
12.10: Italy vs. USA
13.30: Brazil vs. Japan

17.30: France vs. China
18.50: Hungary vs. Russia
20.10: Spain vs. New Zealand
21.30: Canada vs. Kazakhstan

Wednesday, 29 July (men)

09.30: Greece vs. USA
10.50: Kazakhstan vs. Argentina
12.10: South Africa vs. Hungary
13.30: Australia vs. Montenegro

17.30: Serbia vs. Japan
18.50: Russia vs. Italy
20.10: China vs. Canada
21.30: Croatia vs. Brazil

Thursday, 30 July (women)

09.30: Brazil vs. Italy
10.50: Japan vs. USA
12.10: Hungary vs. France
13.30: Canada vs. Spain

17.30: Kazakhstan vs. New Zealand
18.50: Russia vs. China
20.10: Australia vs. Netherlands
21.30: South Africa vs. Greece

Friday, 31 July (men)

09.30: South Africa vs. Kazakhstan
10.50: Hungary vs. Argentina
12.10: Serbia vs. Australia
13.30: Japan vs. Montenegro

17.30: Croatia vs. China
18.50: Greece vs. Russia
20.10: Brazil vs. Canada
21.30: USA vs. Italy

Saturday, 1 August (women)

10.50: A4 vs. B4 - W25
12.10: 4C vs. 4D - W26
13.30: 2A vs. 3B - W27

17.30: 3A vs. 2B - W28
18.50: 2C vs. 3D - W29
20.10: 3C vs. 2D - W30

Sunday, 2 August (men)

10.50: A4 vs. B4 - M25
12.10: 4C vs. 4D - M26
13.30: 2A vs. 3B - M27

17.30: 3A vs. 2B - M28
18.50: 2C vs. 3D - M29
20.10: 3C vs. 2D - M30

Quarterfinal round

Monday, 3 August (women)

09.30: L W25 vs. L W26 - W31 (15th/16th place classification)
10.50: W W25 vs. W W26 - W32 (13th/14th place classification)
12.10: L W27 vs. L W29 - W33
13.30: L W28 vs. L W30 - W34

17.30: 1A vs. W W29 - W35
18.50: 1B vs. W W30 - W36
20.10: 1C vs. W W27 - W37
21.30: 1D vs. W W28 - W38

Tuesday, 4 August (men)

09.30: L M25 vs. L M26 - M31 (15th/16th place classification)
10.50: W M25 vs. W M26 - M32 (13th/14th place classification)
12.10: L M27 vs. L M29 - M33
13.30: L M28 vs. L M30 - M34

17.30: 1A vs. W M29 - M35
18.50: 1B vs. W M30 - M36
20.10: 1C vs. W M27 - M37
21.30: 1D vs. W M28 - M38

Semifinal round

Wednesday, 5 August (women)

10.50: L W33 vs. L W34 - W39 (11th/12th place classification)
12.10: W W33 vs. W W34 - W40 (9th/10th place classification)

15.30: L W35 vs. L W36 - W41
17.00: L W37 vs. L W38 - W42
20.15: W W35 vs. W W36 - W43
21.45: W W37 vs. W W38 - W44

Thursday, 6 August (men)

10.50: L M33 vs. L M34 - M39 (11th/12th place classification)
12.10: W M33 vs. W M34 - M40 (9th/10th place classification)

15.30: L M35 vs. L M36 - M41
17.00: L M37 vs. L M38 - M42
20.15: W M35 vs. W M36 - M43
21.45: W M37 vs. W M38 - M44

Final round

Friday, 7 August (women)

14.00: L W41 vs. L W42 - W45 (7th/8th place classification)
15.30: W W41 vs. W W42 - W46 (5th/6th place classification)

20.30: L W43 vs. L W44 - W47 (3rd/4th place classification)
22.00: W W43 vs. W W44 - W48 (1st/2nd place classification)

Saturday, 8 August (men)

14.00: L M41 vs. L M42 - M45 (7th/8th place classification)
15.30: W M41 vs. W M42 - M46 (5th/6th place classification)

20.30: L M43 vs. L M44 - M47 (3rd/4th place classification)
22.00: W M43 vs. W M44 - M48 (1st/2nd place classification)

N.b.: times mentioned are local time.

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