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Women's U19 European championships Roma Ostia, Italy 7-14.09. 2014 close out international season

On Sunday the final tournament of a busy international season will commence in Italy as the women will determine this year's 19 & under European champion in Ostia, Rome. Coming in as one of the heavy favorites are Greece who claimed the U17 European title last year in Istanbul and just missed out on the bronze medal falling to Hungary in the recent U18 world championships in Madrid. Losing that 2013 U17 European gold medal match-up was Spain who had to settle for the silver in a 5-8 loss but both teams will have a legitimate shot at the title in this 19 & under edition. Hungary, Greece and Spain are all considered favorites in their respective group although the Hungarians are likely to face tough opposition from the Netherlands while Spain meets Russia in the prelims. The first placed teams in the group will qualify for the quarterfinals directly while and the second and third ranked sides playing crossing matches to complete the final eight teams in the race for medals next week.

Women's U19 European Junior Championships
Rome Ostia, Italy

Group A: Netherlands, Hungary, Israel
Group B: Greece, Slovakia, Great Britain, Portugal
Group C: Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland
Group D: Spain, Russia, Turkey, Serbia


Sunday, 7 September

12.30: Netherlands vs. Israel
14.00: Greece vs. Great Britain
15.30: Slovakia vs. Portugal
17.00: Spain vs. Turkey
18.30: Russia vs. Serbia
20.00: Italy vs. Switzerland

Monday, 8 September

12.30: Portugal vs. Great Britain
14.00: Greece vs. Slovakia
15.30: Serbia vs. Turkey
17.00: Spain vs. Russia
18.30: Netherlands vs. Hungary
20.00: Italy vs. Ukraine

Tuesday, 9 September

12.30: Ukraine vs. Switzerland
14.00: Spain vs. Serbia
15.30: Russia vs. Turkey
17.00: Hungary vs. Israel
18.30: Greece vs. Portugal
20.00: Slovakia vs. Great Britain

Wednesday, 10 September

15.30: 2A vs. 3C - RM1
17.00: 2C vs. 3A - RM2
18.30: 2B vs. 3D - RM3
20.00: 2D vs. 3B - RM4

Thursday, 11 September

14.00: 4B vs. 4D - 13th/14th place
15.30: WRM1 vs. 1D - QF1
17.00: WRM2 vs. 1B - QF2
18.30: WRM3 vs. 1C - QF3
20.00: WRM4 vs. 1A - QF4

Friday, 12 September

17.00: LRM1 vs. LRM3 - QF5
18.30: LRM2 vs. LRM4 - QF6

Saturday, 13 September

12.30: LQF5 vs. LQF6 - 11th/12th place
14.00: WQF5 vs. WQF6 - 9th/10th place
15.30: LQF1 vs. LQF3 - SF1
17.00: LQF2 vs. LQF4 - SF2

18.30: WQF1 vs. WQF3 - SF3
20.00: WQF2 vs. WQF4 - SF4

Sunday, 14 September

15.00: LSF1 vs. LSF2 - 7th/8th place
16.30: WSF1 vs. WSF2 - 5th/6th place
18.00: LSF3 vs. LSF4 - 3rd/4th place
19.30: WSF3 vs. WSF4 - 1st/2nd place

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