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Asian Water Polo Games tournament: Kazakhstan, China to defend titles

South Korea
Dream Park Aquatics Center
Saturday, 20 September - Wednesday, 1 October

For the Asian national teams a tournament marked in their schedule is just around the corner as from Saturday on the water polo action at the 17th Asian Games will get underway starting with the women's tournament. The South Korean city of Incheon has the privilege of hosting the Games, first held in 1951 in New Delhi. In the previous edition, four years ago in Guangzhou, China, it was Kazakhstan who took an upset gold medal edging hosts China 7-6 in the final while Japan took the bronze. The women's tournament will see just its second edition in Incheon next week with, not surprisingly, China as the defending champions. The women will play a round-robin format with the winner taking the gold medal. The men's tournament however does hold a full tournament set-up.

Women's tournament

Saturday, 20 September:

15.00: Singapore vs. Uzbekistan
17.00: Hong Kong vs. Kazakhstan
19.00: China vs. Japan

Sunday, 21 September:

15.00: Uzbekistan vs. Kazakhstan
17.00: Japan vs. Hong Kong
19.00: Singapore vs. China

Monday, 22 September:

15.00: Kazakhstan vs. Japan
17.00: China vs. Uzbekistan
19.00: Hong Kong vs. Singapore

Tuesday, 23 September:

15.00: Uzbekistan vs. Japan
17.00: Singapore vs. Kazakhstan
19.00: China vs. Hong Kong

Wednesday, 24 September:

14.00: Hong Kong vs. Uzbekistan
16.00: Kazakhstan vs. China
18.00: Singapore vs. Japan

Men's tournament

Thursday, 25 September:

15.00: China vs. Japan
17.00: Singapore vs. Hong Kong
19.00: Kazakhstan vs. Korea

Friday, 26 September:

15.00: Japan vs. Kuwait
17.00: Hong Kong vs. Kazakhstan
19.00: Korea vs. Singapore

Saturday, 27 September:

15.00: Kuwait vs. China
17.00: Korea vs. Hong kong
19.00: Singapore vs. Kazakhstan

Monday, 29 September:

15.00: 3A vs. 2B - Match 25
17.00: 2A vs. 3B - Match 26

Tuesday, 30 September:

15.00: L25 vs. L26 - 5th/6th place

17.00: 1A vs. W25 - SF1
19.00: 1B vs. W26 - SF2

Wednesday, 1 October:

14.00: LSF1 vs. LSF2 - 3rd/4th place
16.00: WSF1 vs. WSF2 - 1st/2nd place

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