lunedì 22 settembre 2014

Barceloneta, Sabadell claim Copa Catalunya

Spanish and European champions Barceloneta and Sabadell have claimed the Copa Catalunya on Sunday both retaining their title in a good test preparing for the upcoming season. Barceloneta's men had all trouble with Sant Andreu and actually needed quite a comeback in the second half to pull off the victory. Sant Andreu proved superior in the first two periods and led 5-2 at half time. From there on Barceloneta took control but still wasn't sure of avoiding an upset until the final seconds as Marc Minguell levelled the sides at 6-6 with just 11 seconds remaining. In the following penalty shootout Barceloneta won 3-4 to come away with the 9-10 overal victory. Sabadell got to the win more convincingly as the Sant Andreu women trailed throughout their match-up with the Euro League winners. A 0-5 run in the third period marked the match that finished with a solid 6-13 final score in favour of the favorites where Maica Garcia, Matilde Ortiz and Anni Espar led the way scoring three goals each.

Copa Catalunya 2014

Sunday 21 September:


C.N. Sant Andreu - C.N. Atletic-Barceloneta 9-10 (2-1, 3-1, 1-2, 0-2; penalties: 3-4)
Sant Andreu: Duric 3, Gorria 2, Losa.

Barceloneta: Español 2, Minguell 2, Roca, Fernandez.


C.N. Sant Andreu - C.N. Sabadell 6-13 (1-3, 4-5, 0-5, 1-0)
Sant Andreu: Roca 2, Recio 2, Lloret, Mora.

Sabadell: M. Garcia 3, Ortiz 3, Espar 3, Domenech 2, Genee, Cordobes.

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