lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Hungarian Cup draw links Eger and OSC for emotional reunion

A total of 6 players made the trip from Eger to Budapest this summer during a busy transfer period.
Miklós Gór-Nagy, Bence Bátori, Gábor Kovács, Ferenc Salamon, Dávid Bisztritsányi, Erik Bundschuh and Kevin Graham all decided the new “Super Star” approach of their former club would not match their own play style and mentality and OSC was more than happy to offer the players a new home.
However, enough has been said about the personell changes in the Hungarian clubs and soon it will be time to put words into action.
Today the Hungarian Federation announced the draw for the group stages for the Hungarian Cup and one match-up stood out in particular.

Eger and OSC are linked together in group 2, which is completed by UVSE (Budapest) and hosts DVSE (Debrecen). It will be a new experience for many of the OSC players facing the club with whom they celebrated so much domestic success in the recent past.
For Eger it is a good chance early on to show they have dealt with the demons that haunted the club last season and are ready for the new era.
Title defender Szeged, who has won the previous 3(!) editions of this tournament, will most likely have to lower their expectations this year. Departure of main sponsor A-HID hit the team hard and they saw most of their key players leaving over the summer.
However, qualification for the second round should definitely be within the possibilities.

Group 1 (Pécs): Szeged, Vasas, YBL, PVSK
Group 2 (Debrecen): Eger, DVSE, UVSE, OSC
Group 3 (Miskolc): Honvéd, BVSC, KSI, MVLC
Group 4 (Szentes): Szolnok, Kaposvár, FTC, Szentes

Play dates will be announced by the federation shortly.

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