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Battle for Super Final in the Netherlands

Day 4 of the women's World League prelims in Europe is marked by the big battle in group B where current leaders the Netherlands could more or less confirm their spot in the Super Final tournament hosting Greece on Tuesday. If the Budapest 2014 silver medallist winning side manages to beat the Greek, the unbeaten leaders clinch the first of available pair of Super Final berths for the respective prelims group winners in Europe. The home team carries the confidence after a pivotal 11-12 win in Greece on day 1 which proved to be the start of an unbeaten run of 3 games so far. In other match-ups a must-win situation for Hungary hosting current group A leaders Russia. It promises to be a close call after Russia edged Hungary 13-11 on penalties on day 1 in Zlatoust, Russia. The situation in this group is tight with Russia, Italy and even Hungary still battling for the top spot as nothing is decided with just two more games to be played after Tuesday's round 4. Elsewhere France plays host to Italy in the northern city of Lille in a group a match-up while Germany takes on European and world champions Spain in group B. 

FINA Women's World League 2014-2015
Europe preliminary round 4

Tuesday, 24 February, 2015:

18.30: Hungary vs. Russia - in Kecskemet, Hungary
19.00: Germany vs. Spain - in Chemnitz, Germany
19.30: Netherlands vs. Greece - in Gouda, Netherlands
20.30: France vs. Italy - in Lille, France

The standings are now as follows:

Group A

1. Russia 3 - 8 pts
2. Italy 3 - 6
3. Hungary 3 - 4
4. France 3 - 0

Group B

1. The Netherlands 3 - 9 pts
2. Greece 3 - 6
3. Spain 3 - 3
4. Germany 3 - 0

Auckland (NZL) will stage the women's Intercontinental Tournament for Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania from April 28 to May 3, 2015 with the following teams:
GROUP A – China, Brazil, USA, Kazakhstan
GROUP B – New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Canada.

Super Final
9-14 June, 2015 in China (city to be decided)

N.b.: times mentioned are local time.

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