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EU Nations Cup 20-22 March, 2015 in Odense Denmark

Another edition of the EU Nations Cup is set to be played from 20-22 March, 2015 in Odense, Denmark this time as an official LEN event. Despite the name the tournament is not exclusive for nations from Europe as South Africa will be attending this year for the first time and will probably give last years winner Malta some serious resistance for this year's title. The tournement is the biggest of its kind in Europe for nations who are not af member of top 16. It started more than ten years ago as a small tournament between 5 nations. As now grown bigger many nations have shown great interest in being a part of the EU Nations Cup. Due to its size and reputation LEN has now dicided to place the tournament on the LEN calender, thereby making it a part of the official European programme superviced by LEN delegates. The participating teams are Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ireland, South Africa, Malta and Denmark.


Friday, 20 March

09.00: Denmark vs. Ireland
10.20: Malta vs. Czech Republic
11.40: Austria vs. Switzerland
13.00: Denmark vs. South Africa

15.00: Ireland vs. Malta
16.20: Czech Republic vs. Austria
17.40: Switzerland vs. Denmark
19.00: South Africa vs. Ireland
20.20: Malta vs. Austria

Saturday, 21 March

09.00: Czech Republic vs. Switzerland
10.20: South Africa vs. Malta
11.40: Ireland vs. Austria
13.00: Denmark vs. Czech Republic

15.00: Switzerland vs. Malta
16.20: Denmark vs. Austria
17.40: South Africa vs. Czech Republic
19.00: Ireland vs. Switzerland

Sunday, 22 March

09.00: Austria vs. South Africa
10.20: Ireland vs. Czech Republic
11.40: Denmark vs. Malta
13.00: South Africa vs. Switzerland

n.b.: times mentioned are local time.

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