mercoledì 18 febbraio 2015

Belgrade 2016 promises spectacle with announcing hosting venue

  Risultati immagini per europian water polo championship beograd 2016

The 2016 European championships promise to become a spectacle. On Thursday the organising committee, on the occasion of signing an agreement with the Tourist Organisation of Belgrade, confirmed their plans of hosting the championships, bigger than ever in terms of participating teams, in the big multi-sports Kombank Arena where two temporarily pools will be installed. Here competition with 12 women's and 16 men's teams will be played from 10-23 January, 2016. The competition draw for the 2016 European Championships was announced to be conducted next 18 October. The first of three qualification rounds for the men's tournament will be played on four location across Europe from 6-8 February. 

The Kombank Arena is an indoor arena, designed as a universal hall for sport, cultural events and other programs. With a total space that covers 48,000 square metres, and an official total capacity of 20,000 seats (for handball, volleyball, basketball and other events). Its cost was estimated at €70 million. Previous hosted sports events highlights include the 2005 European Basketball championships, 2005 men's European Volleyball championships, 2007 European table tennis and Judo championships and more recently the 2012 European men's Handball championships.

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