domenica 7 giugno 2015

Malta: Sliema takes President's Cup

The first honours of the upcoming Maltese summer season went to Sliema on Wednesday as they defeated Neptunes after extra time 11-12 to win the President's Cup. One of two foreigners for this season for Sliema, Serbian Nikola Dedovic, scored the winning goal with 24 seconds remaining in the second half of overtime. Sliema at one point trailed Neptunes 5-9 but managed to successfully make a comeback. Next to Dedovic, French centre-forward Michaël Bodegas was also signed for the Maltese summer season by Sliema while for Neptunes Hungarian veteran Peter Biros and Croatian centre-forward and Primorje captain Ivan Krapic are the foreigners. 
The President's Cup match, played at the Tal Qroqq Sports Complex in the city of Msida kicks off the summer action in Malta as the summer competition will get underway on Friday. This summer’s National Water Polo Competition will see six teams challenging each other in the Premier Championship and four teams competing in the First Division League. The Premier Championship will kick off with a double round robin. The top three teams from the group will play against one another over two rounds to determine the champion. The bottom three teams will also play each other over two rounds with the team ending in the last place facing the winner of the BOV Water Polo First Division League in a best-of-3 series. The ultimate winner of this series will be playing in the BOV Premier Division next season.

Malta President's Cup 2015

Wednesday 03-06:

Neptunes Grimaldi vs. Sliema Frank Salt Real 11-12 (1-1, 5-3, 3-3, 1-3; extra time: 0-1, 1-1)
Neptunes goals: Steven Camilleri 4, Ivan Krapic 2, Niki Lanzon, Michele Stellini, Timothy Agius, Jordan Camilleri, Peter Biros.

Sliema scorers: John Soler, Michaël Bodegas 2, Nikola Dedovic 2, Jerome Gabarretta, Kai Dowling, Mark Meli, Michael Spiteri Staines, Nicholas Bugelli, Alex Attard.

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