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WP Development Trophy: Iran easily triumphs at home

Lausanne (SUI), May 30, 2015 - The team of Iran won the fifth edition of the FINA World Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy, held in Tehran (IRI) from May 24-29, 2015 after defeating the squad of Uruguay by 13-5 in the final game of the competition. The South Americans were already losing 0-5 at half-time, and despite a balanced third period (3-3), the hosts of the event imposed a final 5-2 in the last quarter to seal the triumph. Both teams arrived to the decisive match of this Development Trophy with a perfect four-victory record in the preliminaries.

The two European teams present in the tournament, Malta and Austria, played for the bronze medal, with the Austrians winning by 9-7 over the islanders. The game was undecided until the end of the third quarter (tie at 6-6), but a decisive 3-1 in the final period for the Austrians dictated the outcome of the match. This was the first time that this competition was open to teams from the Old Continent.

In the remaining action of the final day, Azerbaijan defeated Indonesia by 10-8 for the fifth place, while Kuwait was forced to win by penalty shootout to overcome Tunisia by 10-7, thus conquering the seventh spot of the competition. Closing the classification, Guatemala was slightly stronger than Morocco, finishing in ninth after a tangential triumph by 8-7.

This was the first victory of Iran (second in 2011 and third in 2007) in this competition, after successive wins of Uzbekistan in 2013, Saudi Arabia in 2011, Kuwait in 2009 and Colombia in 2007.  

FINAL RANKING of the FINA World Men’s Water Polo Development Trophy 2015:
4. Malta
5. Azerbaijan
6. Indonesia
7. Kuwait
8. Tunisia
9. Guatemala
10. Morocco


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