martedì 29 luglio 2014

Global Wave Inc. to partner with HabaWaba

DJ Gobal Wave proudly announces its plan to partner with Haba Waba and develop the event in North America. The HabaWaba Festival, often referred to as the 'Olympics for young water polo players', is a highly successful yearly event based in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy that combines sport, family fun and education. Organised by Water Polo Development, it is the most visible and important water polo event for children ages 6-11. This year, 1,380 children hailing from five continents will play 429 games over seven days. 

Dragan Jovanovic, President and CEO of DJ Global Wave says, ''We are very excited to sign a long-term agreement with the Water Polo Development Group and represent and organise HabaWaba in North America for many year to come. This isn't only a tournament for children, it's a family festival that can truly influence children's lives and creates unfortgettable memories.''

The first event organised by Global Wave is slated for Montreal in the summer of 2015, creating an essential working relationship Global Wave and the City of Montreal and Tourism Montreal. ''We also plan to connent this safe and educational experience with other festivals in Montreal, a global city with unique offerings for tourists travelling from around the world'', adds Yves Lalumiere, President and CEO of Tourism Montreal. ''Tourism Montreal is pleased to welcome the HabaWaba water polo tournament to Montreal and thus contribute to the development of this sport in the city. Festive and sporty, Montreal is the perfect setting for the event, which brings together fun and physical activity. We look forward to doing everything possible to ensure that the young athletes and their families enjoy a warm reception.''

Partnering with HabaWaba is part of DJ Global Wave's strategy to grow the sport of water polo globally by focussing on building innovative programs in areas not currently considered water polo 'hotspots'. Tony Azevedo, co-founder and Executive VP of Global Wave says, ''The HabaWaba Festival is exactly the kind of program targeting youth that we need to develop within the water polo community. I really believe bringing this successful event to North America will help build the new generation of future water polo champions.''

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