venerdì 14 novembre 2014

'Anatolie Grintescu' Olympic pool opened

The Olympic swimming complex "Anatolie Grinţescu" in the Romanian capital Bucharest was inaugurated on Monday. The complex has two pools including one for competition with a capacity of 800 seats for spectators. Besides the two pools the resort is equipped with lockers, a sauna, gym and conference room. The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Youth and Sports, Gabriela Szabo, Romanian Swimming Federation president and Modern Pentathlon, Camelia Potec, family members of former President of the Romanian Waterpolo Federation, Anatolie Grinţescu and current and former athletes from the Dinamo club.

Gabriela Szabo said authorities expected performance and the extent of investment in sports infrastructure": "I am very happy that I could inaugurate this pool of the club Dinamo, one Romanian elite sport. The club where many athletes have excelled in high performance. I do not know the exact amount that was invested in the pool, but it is a considerable sum the Romanian Government has allocated to the construction of this pool. It is important that athletes can come and prepare for the great performance in extraordinary circumstances. We do everything we can to set up sports infrastructure but wait and results."

Andrei Iosep, coach of water polo team Dinamo: "This pool make us to fulfill the goal that we have in this season, namely third place in the championship. I've waited for about 20 years for this pool. I started to dream than to have an indoor swimming pool where you're able to train all year on the same base. Anatolie Grintescu was a legend of Romanian water polo. It was perfectly normal to name this complex after him. I’m sorry that he never had the chance to see the pool. He missed it by just six months."

The inauguration ceremony of the Olympic pool was followed by an exhibition match between Dinamo and Steaua.

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