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Honvéd joins favourites in Hungarian cup Final Four

This weekend no league action in Hungary where the Hungarian Cup quarterfinals were contested in two games, played on Saturday and Sunday. The three favourites in Szolnok, Eger and OSC all performed according to the expectations and were joined in the semifinals by Honvéd who won an exciting home-and-away battle over FTC despite the losers ending up winning leg 2 on Sunday. That meant the semifinal berth mainly wa secured thanks to a good 5-goal win in leg 1 at home on Saturday where Honvéd was guided by Bence Fülöp who took off for 5 goals, backed by Koji Takei (3) and Szabolcs Szöke who scored 2. That 5-goal advantage proved vital in the teams' 2nd meeting the following day where FTC struck back, took control in the games' 2nd period and tried their best in the final term for what would have been a sensational comeback. However Honvéd held on and scored twice in that final period, as the margin was held to 3 goals, enough to survive the late FTC rally and secure a spot in the semis. There a tough match-up with OSC awaits. The fellow Budapest based side convincingly edged BVSC winning the encounters 14-8 and 9-11. The 2nd semifinal will see a big match-up featuring Szolnok and ZF-Eger in a re-match of last season's play-offs finals. Szolnok laid the foundation for their win over Szeged in the 1st leg in Szeged where the visitors walked away with a 7-10 victory and finished things off at home on Sunday beating Szeged 12-8. Eger more or less did the same as they crushed Vasas in the 1st meeting 11-4 at home to virtually decide the series' outcome already. A scoring festival in Budapest in leg 2 still was won by Eger 14-16 to secure their spot in the semifinals unbeaten. Both semifinal clashes will be played on 5 December.

Theodora Hungarian Cup quarterfinals
Leg 1

Saturday 08-11:

Szeged vs. Szolnok 7–10 (2–2, 2–2, 1–3, 2–3)
Szeged scorers: Manhercz K. 3, Chilkó, Kiss Cs., Varga II Zs., Kunac.

Szolnok scorers: Varga Dé. 2, Aleksic 2, Jansik D., Kis G., Mezei, Gocic, Mitrovic, Madaras.

Honvéd vs. FTC 12–7 (3–2, 2–1, 2–1, 5–3)

Honvéd scorers: Fülöp 5, Takei 3, Szőke 2, Kiss G., Illés.

FTC scorers: Katonás 2, Roach 2, Nyéki, Kolozsi, Jansik Sz.

ZF-Eger vs. Vasas 11–4 (5–1, 1–1, 3–1, 2–1)
Eger scorers: Hosnyánszky 4, Erdélyi 2, Vapenski 2, Bedő, Angyal D., Cuckovic.

Vasas scorers: Goreta 2, Sedlmayer, Bóbis.

OSC vs. BVSC 14–8 (4–2, 3–1, 3–2, 4–3)
OSC scorers: Bruguljan 3, Bátori 2, Decker Á. 2, Juhász 2, Graham 2, Hegedűs, Salamon, Gór-Nagy.

BVSC scorers: Török 3, Pásztor 2, Kovács P., Szabó B., Létay.

Leg 2

Sunday 09-11:

FTC vs. Honvéd 8-5 (1-1, 3-1, 1-1, 3-2)

FTC scorers: Katonás 3, Nyéki, Marnitz G., Ernyey, Jansik.

Honvéd scorers: Kiss G. 2, Fülöp, Simon R., Takei.

Szolnok vs. Szeged 12-8 (3-1, 5-2, 2-3, 2-2)

Szolnok scorers: Aleksic 3, Mitrovic 2, Madaras 2, Vámos, Kis, Tóth, Varga Dá., Varga Dé.

Szeged scorers: Varga II Zs. 2, Seman 2, Chilkó, Manhercz K., Manhercz Á., Kiss Cs.

BVSC vs. OSC 9-11 (2-3, 1-3, 1-4, 5-1)
BVSC scorers: Szabó Bendegúz 3, Török 2, Kovács P., Nagy Á., Tatár, Pásztor.

OSC scorers: Kovács G. 4., Salamon 2, Jávor 2, Bátori, Bundschuch, Vincze M.

Vasas vs. ZF-Eger 14-16 (2-2, 3-7, 4-2, 5-5)
Vasas scorers: Bóbis 4, dr. Steinmetz 4, Várnai 3, Sedlmayer, Gyárfás, Német T.

Eger scorers: Szivós 4, Bedő 3, Angyal 2, Vapenski 2, Cuk 2, Cuckovic 2, Erdélyi 

Theodora Hungarian Cup Final Four

Semifinal 1
05-12:17.45: Honvéd vs. OSC

Semifinal 2

19.35: ZF-Eger vs. Szolnok

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